Weddings & Events

Biama Vineyard

At Biama Vineyards and Events, we understand it is your dream, so we invite you to use your choice of caterer, and entertainment from our approved vendor list.


With the estate at your disposal, your dream will become a reality! We have wedding & event packages for groups 1-150 and include a complimentary Wine Tasting experience.

Preferred Vendors

We understand that while this is a special moment in your life it is also one of the most stressful. When it is time for your celebration, we want those memories to last a lifetime, so we are here with our approved vendors for you, taking care of the details on this special day. These required approved wedding professionals have proven themselves in providing exceptional service with assistance before, during and after the wedding ceremony and reception. Please email for questions.

Executive Suite

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Deluxe Executive Room

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Royal Suite

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Heritage Suite

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